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Both highly malleable and extremely soft, tin offers an abundant option in manufacturing various shipping and food processing products, to name a few. Commercial Plating offers specialized tin plating for soldering and many useful applications Contact us today for more information or get a free quote on tin plating service.

What is Tin Plating?

Through a process of cleaning, prepping plating baths, electrodeposition and post-electroplating, tin is applied to many of today’s widely used metals – most common use is manufacturing of tin cans. Co-depositing tin with other alloys enhances plating process (i.e. lead-tin-copper, used in engines). There are several other methods of tin plating used at Commercial Plating Company, all of which can increase longevity of common metals.

The small amounts of tin currently found within the U.S. are in Alaska and California, although it’s the 49th most abundant Earth element.

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Benefits of Tin Plating:

Many benefits of tin plating include:

  • High conductivity
  • Excellent solderability
  • Lower cost than other metal processes
  • Enhances corrosion protection when applied to metals
  • Great décor value
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Purposes of Tin Plating

Because the FDA frowns on placing food on corrosive metals during preparation, tin is electroplated to metals as it’s approved for food services.  When an extra shine is needed on metals which will be publicly displayed, tin plating is used because it tends to shine well and requires less maintenance to keep the shine last longer. Also, because it’s conductive and abundant, it’s great for bus bars and electrical connectors which are traditionally low-costing tech. Finally, tin’s softness makes an excellent soldering component.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Once again, what can I say about your team..As you know, our steel vendor dropped the ball, and turning my parts in less than 10 hours is incredible…Our customer was extremely happy, we didn’t shut down their production facility…That’s why I use CPC, quick turnaround time, fair prices, and quality second to none… Thanks!”

- Glenn

“I wanted to thank you for letting my customer visit your facility, yesterday. As you know, I have been using CPC for just over 2 years, and yesterday was my first visit as well. Anyway, my customer was so impressed with your plating lines, QC lab and equipment, and knowledgeability of your staff, that he has awarded me 2 new stamped parts, that will be coming your way for Nickel Plating…

I can’t thank you enough, and I’m looking forward to expanding our business relationship in the future…”

- Dan D.

“Thank you for plating my parts to display at my recent trade show. I received awesome reviews, and even gave your company’s name out to several people. I was able to obtain several requests for quotes, in which I will likely be awarded the business. I couldn’t have done it without you guys. I guess that’s why you have been in business since 1949.”

- Dave J.