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Our plating lines are fully automatic. Electronic process controllers on plating lines ensure the quality of the finished product. Nothing is left to chance. Every part to be plated for each customer is in our computer data bank. All process requirements specific to that part are included in our data base. All work orders generated by our computer for any given part contain specific instructions required to process that part correctly. All necessary instructions for load size and all rectifier settings are dictated by the computer assure consistent and proper finishes doe all parts in the process. This information travels with all customer products through our entire metal electroplating system. The data is attached in our receiving areas, travels through the finishing cycle and returns to the shipping department.

All processing solutions are continually monitored for control of their particular components i.e., pH, temperature, brightener content, etc. We conduct our own internal chemical analysis. Our suppliers provide us with backup and verification analysis. All maintenance additions and adjustments to all plating baths are logged for the first time, date, quantity, and addition made. Process control yields consistent quality of our finishes. We provide high quality commercial metal palting and metal electroplating in St Louis and throughout the US.

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We specialize in Brass, Cadmium, Copper, Statuary Bronze, Nickel, Tin, Zinc, and Zinc & Black Chromate finishes.  All plating lines are fully automated and capable of small and large volume production.

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1-5 Day Quick Turn Around Time! Expedited Delivery Is Available!

Plating Excellence Since 1949

We are in compliance with all federal, state and local effluent pretreatment and air emission regulations. All processing water and solutions are disposed of through our EPA approved effluent pretreatment system. All waste precipitated in the process is safely shipped off site for recycling. We are protecting our environment and conserving our natural resources while we plate millions of pounds of customer parts each month.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“Once again, what can I say about your team..As you know, our steel vendor dropped the ball, and turning my parts in less than 10 hours is incredible…Our customer was extremely happy, we didn’t shut down their production facility…That’s why I use CPC, quick turnaround time, fair prices, and quality second to none… Thanks!”

- Glenn

“I wanted to thank you for letting my customer visit your facility, yesterday. As you know, I have been using CPC for just over 2 years, and yesterday was my first visit as well. Anyway, my customer was so impressed with your plating lines, QC lab and equipment, and knowledgeability of your staff, that he has awarded me 2 new stamped parts, that will be coming your way for Nickel Plating…

I can’t thank you enough, and I’m looking forward to expanding our business relationship in the future…”

- Dan D.

“Thank you for plating my parts to display at my recent trade show. I received awesome reviews, and even gave your company’s name out to several people. I was able to obtain several requests for quotes, in which I will likely be awarded the business. I couldn’t have done it without you guys. I guess that’s why you have been in business since 1949.”

- Dave J.